Wrap & Twist Hair Towel

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Care for your hair with our Wrap & Twist Hair Towel.

A highly absorbent and velvety soft microfibre hair wrap created as an alternative to traditional towels for reduced or heat free drying to protect your hair from damage, extend your hair colour and combat frizz. Wash, wrap, style as desired and have a happy hair day. Each towel comes with a recyclable pouch perfect for storing & travelling!

Due to rainbow colouring process designs may vary from the images provided. No two towels are alike!
How do I use it?

There are two ways you can use our hair wrap.

For pixie to long bob hair length:
Apply the towel over the top of your head with the button facing upwards and in the front centre of your hair. With the back section of the towel, twist in a coil, gathering any length of hair in the towel, pull towards the button at the front and secure the elastic loop around the button.

For mid - long length hair:
Hold the towel wrap with both hands with the button facing upwards. Tip head and hair forwards and position around the back of the head until the towel wrap is fully covering the hair. Make sure the button this time is at the centre of the nape of your neck. Gather hair inside the towel wrap and twist the front section several times into a coil. Bring the twist round to the nape of the neck and loop the hoop around the button.


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