Sustainability is of utmost importance to us at Sophie Hannah Hair. We believe great hair care should not come at a cost to our planet. Where possible, we opt for conscious packaging decisions such as renewable bioplastics, biodegradable plastics, and recyclable paper packaging.

Sustainability is all our responsibility; we all have our part to play. Here's how we are staying accountable, (we're not perfect (yet) but we are striving for improvement until we are):


 Our bottles are developed using an oxo-biodegradable technology which accelerates plastic degradation without harming the environment or compromising on its functionality. This unique technology allows for oxygen to bind to the polymer and help it to naturally break down into organic biomass.


 Our dye kits have been manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure durability and performance to last its lifetime. Developed with an innovative bioplastic blend, designed to be 100% reusable as an alternative to single use plastics.


 All our bottles, caps and cartons are 100% recyclable. 



 We are proudly taking responsibility for the products we develop with every effort to reduce our contribution to ocean waste, landfill, and pollution by minimising the use of single-use plastic in our products. 


100% of our secondary packaging is biodegradable/compostable, recyclable, carbon neutral and plastic free. Where possible, we partner with net zero couriers who operate a zero-carbon offsetting scheme for our shipments.


We have made it our mission to become a fully sustainable brand.Our core mission is to continue moving in the right direction and commit our efforts to reduce waste throughout our supply chain.Find out everything you need to know about our biodegradable bottles including how to decompose here.