Pre-orders: ​

Pre-order means you have ordered before the product is ready to be dispatched. We are a small sustainable business, so using a pre-order system helps us gage how much interest there is in our products, which means we can make sure we're not over ordering. It also helps you, the customer, to secure the product before it's sold out. 

How it works?

Choose your item you would like to purchase and check the pre-order information stated in the product description drop down. This will tell you when it will be dispatched. Once you have read through this information, checkout and confirm your order! When you have pre-ordered you will be emailed once your item has been dispatched. 

What happens if I order both pre-order and in stock items on the same order?

Due to the way that our shipping costs work any order will not be dispatched until ALL of the items are in stock. So any in stock items on a pre-order will be reserved but not dispatched until the release of the pre-order items. If you do want the in stock items before this date it is best to place two (or more) separate orders. We can split them after the event if you change your mind, but this may incur postage charges.