Dye Kit

$10.00 $17.00

At home hair colouring, made simple!

Our dye kit is made from an innovative and environmentally friendly polymeric compound manufactured with waste from the cereal farming industry with up to 45% reduction of the use of petrochemicals.

A plant derived alternative to traditional plastic for precise, mess-free and conscious styling!

Each kit includes:
  • 1 Non-slip 300 ml bowl with millimetre gridlines and a spouted lip,
  • 1 Medium bristle brush with a contoured handle and tapered end.
Easy to clean, durable and reusable, delivering consistent results for beginners and professionals alike. To avoid staining clean your kit as soon as possible. Clean your kit with soap and hot water after use. If staining occurs, this will not affect your next colour.
How do I use it?

Pour your chosen Sophie Hannah Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Colour into the bowl. Use the tapered end of the brush to section hair and once ready you can apply the hair colour with the brush end. SHH tip: A little product goes a long way, so don't load up your brush too much!


Bioplastics produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their traditional plastic counterparts over their lifetime as the use of waste crops widely reduces the air pollution caused by burning straw. For more information please see our Sustainability page.


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