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Why you should be using a microfibre hair towel

Why you should be using a microfibre hair towel

Wanting to level up your hair care routine? Swap out your regular cotton towel with a microfibre hair towel! A microfibre hair towel has many different benefits and can really help to achieve that oh-so desirable silky smooth hair! 

Wanting to know more? Read about some of the benefits below!

They prevent breakage

While cotton towels are great for your body, you might want to skip using them on your hair. Cotton towels have lots of loops which can wreak havoc on your hair as the strands get caught and break. Microfibre hair towels have a much smoother surface which avoids breakage.  

Due to the super absorbent nature of microfibre material, there’s no need to rub your hair. Rubbing your hair excessively with a cotton towel creates friction, leading to breakage and split ends.

They reduce frizz

A regular towel doesn’t only create breakage, but it can also create frizz. When rubbing your hair with a standard cotton towel, you create friction which can rough up your hair cuticles. This can create frizz and make it difficult to achieve a smooth look.

Halves drying time

We all love things that speed up our beauty routine. A microfibre hair towel will dry your hair much faster than a cotton towel! This is because a microfibre hair towel is made of lots of tiny fibres that are super absorbent. 

To speed up your hair’s drying time, squeeze out any excess water and wrap your hair in your microfibre towel. If you are wanting to use heat on your hair, using a microfibre hair towel to dry most of your hair will mean you will use less heat, so cause less damage.

They keep your curls in great shape

To keep your curly hair in great shape, it needs extra love and care. This means you should be careful when drying curly hair to not ruin the shape of the curls or create frizz. Due to the super absorbent nature of a microfibre towel, you can dry your hair without the rubbing and frizz!

They’re lightweight & easy to use

When a regular towel is wet, it can be super heavy on your head which can be uncomfortable on your neck and can often get in the way. As well as this, it can often become unravelled which isn’t ideal when you're trying to multitask!

A microfibre towel is much more lightweight meaning it’s more comfortable to wear! Our Wrap & Twist microfibre hair towel also has the added bonus of having a button and elastic to hold the wrap in place!

They’re great for travel

A regular cotton towel can take up a lot of room in your suitcase and can be heavy! A microfibre towel is more lightweight and takes up less space meaning lots more room for all your favourite clothes! Our Wrap & Twist also comes in a reusable travel bag, so it’s perfect for bringing on holiday with you.

They look super cute!

Regular towels can look a bit boring on your head, but a microfibre towel can have a touch more personality. We created our Wrap & Twist in a pastel design so you’d look super cute - think of it as an accessory! 

Why not do your hair a favour and swap your cotton towel for a regular towel this Summer! That’s a wrap! 

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