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How To Gradient Hair Dye At Home

How To Gradient Hair Dye At Home

Gradient hair dye or ‘ombre’ is a really popular way of applying colour. It’s a look we love and our Founder Sophie Hannah has put together an easy to follow step by step so you can DIY a gradient hair dye with confidence at home.

Sophie Hannah loves to pick three colours when creating a gradient and our Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in shades: Berry Purple, Bubblegum Pink and Peach Punch work seamlessly together. These are the colours that Sophie Hannah has used for her locks. Our Dye Kit also comes in handy for this as our brush will help with an even application and the tail end is great for sectioning.

Pick the shade that will start at your root and be the top of the gradient. Sophie Hannah chose Berry Purple. Squeeze into our Dye Kit bowl and get your hair sectioned and ready to start dying.

We recommend starting from the underneath of your hair at the back and working upwards, then moving onto the sides and top. Apply the first colour to your root and drag just under a third of the way down your hair. It’s easy to work in sections and this is where the tail end of our Dye Kit brush will help.

Once you’ve finished applying your first colour, give the Dye Kit bowl and brush a wash.

Pick your next shade, we recommend a colour slightly lighter than the first shade. Sophie Hannah chose Bubblegum Pink. Squeeze into our Dye Kit bowl and apply with our brush below your first shade, making sure to leave space at the bottom for your final colour. To make sure there is an even blend between the colours, apply your second shade slightly over the top of your first colour. This will help the colours transition into each other. Another great tip to help the gradient colours blend is to use your index and middle finger and once the dye has been applied, take sections of your hair between those fingers and gently rub back and forth on the section where the colours crossover into one another. Once you’re happy, move onto the next step.

Again, wash the Dye Kit bowl and brush and get ready for the final colour.

Take your final colour, a shade slightly lighter than the previous and squeeze into the Dye Kit bowl. Apply to the final third section of your hair at the tip and don’t forget to blend slightly over the previous colour to get that seamless transition between the shades. Use our finger tip to help again.

Once you’re happy with the application; and by the way it doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as you can see a blend of three colours it’ll look great! Let the colours develop for a minimum of 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and make sure to give your scalp a good scrub. Dry and style as desired and your hair should look like Sophie Hannah’s fabulous ombre colour.

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