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Colour theory and hair dyeing

Colour theory and hair dyeing

Wanting to achieve the perfect hair colour? This ones for you! We go over some colour theory basics, so you can get creative with your look!

Colour theory is an essential aspect of hair colouring. It is how different colours interact and how they can create specific effects. Understanding basic colour theory can help you achieve the perfect hair colour for your desired look!

One of the most important concepts in colour theory is the colour wheel. The colour wheel is a visual representation of the different types of colours:

When dyeing your hair, you should consider how your current hair colour might affect how you achieve your desired shade. For example, layering red over blue hair might create a more purple hue. Also, consider the strength of the pigment in the dye you're using. If you have coloured hair, you might need to neutralise or bleach your hair first to ensure you get the colour you want. 

When it comes to hair colouring, use the colour wheel to neutralise unwanted tones in your hair. For example, if you have orange tones in your hair that you want to neutralise, you can use a blue-based dye like our Blue Raspberry semi-permanent hair dye. Blue is the opposite of orange on the colour wheel and will cancel out the orange tones. Similarly, if you have red tones that you want to neutralise, you can use a green-based dye like our Kiwi Green semi-permanent hair dye. Green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel, which will neutralise the red tones.

Our founder Sophie Hannah needed to neutralise her blue hair before dyeing her hair red; simply putting the red over the blue would create a purple tone. To achieve the desired look, Sophie used our wild orange semi-permanent hair dye to neutralise her hair before using our strawberry twist hair colour.

Our hair dyes work like paint, so you can mix our different colours to create your own unique shades! Just remember to consider colour theory along the way. Get creative, and make sure to share with us your amazing looks!

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